Younique Moonstruck Epic Mascara Review

Younique Moonstruck Epic Mascara Review

Younique Moonstruck Epic Mascara Review

Hey! I hope you are all keeping well? Today, I wanted to bring something a little light-hearted and something I have been meaning to post for a while. Younique Moonstruck Epic mascara review.

Is it worth the hype?

For those of you that aren’t new around here, you’ll know I did a full review of some of the Younique makeup collection a while back and was pleasantly surprised by some pieces. I touched briefly on the mascara in my past review, but know its kinda a cult product in the MLM world and often gets pushed as a life-changing mascara (come on), that I thought it deserved its own review. 

I’ve had this mascara for some time and I come back to it now and again, before I toss it back into my stash of ‘rainy day’ mascaras. AKA, the stash that didn’t really make the cut and I will use it if I have nothing else. I think this statement alone sums up my thoughts, but I’ll give you a little more detail.  

Younique Moonstruck Epic Mascara Review
Younique Moonstruck Epic Mascara Review

The Younique Claim

Now not to trash talk Younique (they actually have some good products) but in my view, this is not one of them. 

Not to be confused with their fibre mascara, this is not it. This is their non-fibre mascara and claims to deliver iconic length, (their words not mine) clump-free head-turning lashes. 

Their claim. 

“Younique’s MOODSTRUCK EPIC™ mascara is a multi-effect mascara that produces a wide-eyed, larger-than-life look that’s phenomenal by itself, and also serves as the perfect base for MOODSTRUCK 3D FIBER LASHES+™ lash enhancer”
Younique Moonstruck Epic Mascara Review

Get on my lashes

Excuse the overgrown brows, we’re in lockdown and my brow lady is closed (I jest, there are much more important things going on in the world right now other than my brows).

So here’s me, wearing two coats of the Moonstruck Epic Mascara. I should add I have this in black and don’t have the waterproof version. This is important.

Ok. I am lucky to have naturally long lashes. So length isn’t something that I really have to worry about and I’ll agree, they look quite long in this picture. But what this picture doesn’t show is that they are just that, as long as my lashes look without mascara.

This does nothing for my lashes and I mean nothing. I get better length and volume from other brands, one being a £6 drugstore that is coming up on the blog shortly. You can view my other reviews on what I think are better mascaras HERE and HERE.

Younique Moonstruck Epic Mascara Review

Just nice

Ok, yes here they look nice. But just nice. This mascara doesn’t give the dramatic volume and length it claims. I mean are you supposed to put the fibre mascara over the top to achieve the desired look? But doesn’t that make this a two-step process at double the price?

I find it difficult to apply. It clumps my lashes and I have to brush through with a clean mascara wand and whats worse, it wears awfully. This stuff smudges like hell. You will have a panda eye by the end of the day, for sure.

Now, given the above statement, this is why I mentioned earlier that I don’t have the waterproof version. In fairness, the waterproof version may not smudge, so might be worth a try. But as you can see I don’t have this on my lower lashes as it just doesn’t stay put.

The formula just doesn’t cut it. 

Other products worth a try

Well that’s it from me. I hope this gives you a better idea of whether this is worth a try. Let me know your views in the comments.

For now, 

my beautiful obsession

Disclaimer, I have not been paid to write for any brands featured in this post.