Younique Makeup Review

Younique Makeup Review

Younique Makeup Review

Hello, lovelies and welcome to today’s post, which is a little Younique makeup review.

Ok, so Younique. I know there is going to be makeup snobs out there giving a big sigh to this post. And my view on that? Snob off, have you tried it? Not all women are experts at makeup and want to spend hours in a beauty hall.

For those of you that are wondering why the hell I have written the above statement, I will explain. I am not going to get into the business side of Younique as I am not here to promote their brand, only review their products.

Younique is a brand that is distributed by independent presenters. Basically, it’s a network marketing scheme.  Enough said. I have my views on this, but I am not going to share them here, however, I do support women on a quest to run their own business. Unfortunately, these products do tend to be looked down on by the ‘makeup buffs’, but what we really want to know, is are they any good? I’m going to break it down, the good, the bad and the just ok.

The Products

Younique Makeup Review

So, I was kindly given a huge bundle of makeup to test out. To save you reading this post in full to discover the product you would like to read about isn’t here, I am going to list them first, including the price.

Moodstruck Epic Mascara, £19 (2020 update. I have a full review of this product now which you can find HERE).

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation, £30

Touch A La Mode Cream Luminizer, £30

Beachfront Bronzer, £25

Moodstruck Pressed Shadow, £11

Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lip, £21


To get a real feel of these products, I have tried a full face of makeup over three consecutive days.

I did have to add some products as I didn’t have the Younique alternative. That was a primer, eye primer, concealer, setting powder and finishing spray. These were all from my own collection and are items I use on a daily basis, so I know how other products perform with these, therefore, a fair test.

The foundation was primed with Smashbox Photo Finish primer, the eyes MAC Paint Pot and the look was finished with MAC Fix +.

Let’s get to the review.

Moodstruck Epic Mascara

Younique Epic Mascara Review

A well-known cult product. I had high hopes. I am lucky to have long lashes so the majority of mascaras work for me. Did this? It is ok, but just ok. For me, I know I can get much better volume and length from other products around the same price point (check out my other mascara reviews HERE).

Ok, its nice and does separate and lengthen, but nothing special. A nice daytime mascara, but unfortunately, this does smudge under my eyes.

Do I recommend? I’m sorry Younique, but it’s a pass from me.

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

Younique Makeup Review

A liquid to powder finish! Yes, get on my face. This foundation is nice. It’s buildable. On first application, you may not achieve the desired coverage, but you can easily build this up. I would recommend building in layers rather than going in heavy-handed to begin. This can leave brush marks if applied with a sweeping motion, but stamping blends this perfectly.

I loved the finish this gave my skin. It’s matte, but a soft powdery matte. Products apply beautifully on top of this. As I said I had to use a different brand of concealer and this went on like a dream over this foundation.

Long lasting, yes I recommend this.

Touch A La Mode Cream Luminizer

Younique Makeup Review

Looking for a blinding highlight? This isn’t the one. However, what this is, is a soft, grown-up glow. It’s beautiful.

Younique Makeup Review

Liquid, so as always, apply under your foundation and this gives a sophisticated, adult glow to the skin. I didn’t try this over foundation, as I would never put a liquid over a powder finish.

But is it worth the cash? For me, nope. There are drugstore products just as nice as this. If you have a ton of cash to splash, then yep, I recommend this, if not, check out your local drugstore.

Beachfront Bronzer

Younique Makeup Review

A nice non-muddy bronzer. Nice formulation, pigmented and applies evenly. However, its a bronzer. Not worth the money (shhhh, try  Physicians Formula, Butter Bronzer, fab) Sorry Younique, I can’t justify the price.

Moodstruck Pressed Shadow

Younique Makeup Review

Ok, so now we’re talking! By far, my favourite product from the bunch! These are amazing! And I mean so good! Pigmented like a dream, smooth, easy to apply with NO FALL OUT and I mean not one single bit! I love these!

Younique Makeup Review

However, the shade range is limited but does have your basics.

The metalic shade Gentle is beautiful. In fact, better than most of the metallic’s I have tried from other brands. Even applied with a dry brush, rather than a finger or damp flat brush, these are pigmented!

Worth the price? If you’re into your eyeshadow, then yeah. The metallic’s definitely.

Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lip

Younique Makeup Review

Matte liquid lip for £21? Hmmmm, pricy, but nice. These glide on so smoothly and evenly, don’t dry and feel comfortable. They also last all day until you take them off.

If £21 is what you would usually pay for a liquid lip, them yep, these are worth the money. If not, again, you can find good alternatives at the drugstore.

Cruelty-Free Statement

There has been a little bit of hooha on social media as to whether these products can claim they are cruelty-free. I have added the brand’s statement below, but as they do not carry the leaping bunny logo I am not going to include them in my cruelty-free products.

There are many opposing views, some say they are, others say they aren’t. I will leave this for you to research in a little more detail, but as always, if you want to be sure you are using a 100% cruelty-free product, always look for the Leaping Bunny logo or the PETA Cruelty-Free logo. which shows the brand has full cruelty-free accreditation.

Younique does not test our products on animals, nor do any of our product manufacturers. Although Younique does not test its products on animals and is confident that its product manufacturers do not conduct such tests, we have not pursued formal certification at this time.

Final Thoughts

So my last thoughts. I am pleasantly surprised. Do they break any artistry boundaries?  No, but for everyday women like us, they are nice products.

You can see, there are some I’d pay the price for and others I wouldn’t. Anything that I would have to have? The metallic eyeshadows.

To find out a little more or to purchase any products, head over to

Well, that’s all from me. I hope this Younique review has been helpful?

For now,

L xx

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Disclaimer, I have not been paid to write for any brands featured in this post.