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Welcome to my beauty blog, my beautiful obsession. and my first blog post – how exciting!

Since I can remember I have been obsessed with all things makeup and really started to get into the beauty world around the age of 14! Now in my later thirties I look back and reminisce about the white eyeshadow, blue mascara, glitter eyeliner, tooth gem look of the nineties – honestly, it’s how I spent my youth.

A Saturday for me was a trip to my town centre to hang out with the girls that did the nail art in Topshop – yes this was way before Topshop had their own makeup line! I’d adoringly listen to everything they would say and we’d talk makeup and nails all day, whilst listening to the hits of the spice girls! Give me those days back anytime!

Since then I’ve have navigated my way through many a makeup and beauty fail and success, always eager to try a new product or new look. As I’ve grown, my favourite brands have grown with me, and whilst I will always have space in my heart for the drugstore brands of my youth, I have fallen in love with many a new high-end line along the way.

Would I consider the beauty world a hobby? Definitely, which is ultimately what has inspired me to create this blog.

By day I’m an ex-beauty therapist (many moons ago- I sound so old) turned marketeer, who, whilst enjoying my job,  writes about things that do not get me as enamoured as my love for a new mascara, palette or a matte lipstick!

My blog is just a space for me to express my creative side; writing is a huge creative outlet for me, and hopefully, I can deliver some really useful tips and thoughts on the products I try, love, and hate.

I’m no makeup artist, and by day you’ll find me in nothing more than some mascara and bronzer with my own way of doing things. I’m here to share my love and passion for the beauty industry; an expert I am not.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I will writing it.

Please follow and share anything you feel isn’t just a jumbled mess from my mind!

L x

“live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, and intoxicated by the romance of the unusual”. A favorite quote of mine from the fantastic Mr. E  Hemingway.



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    Thank you. L xx

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