Summer Skin Routine

Summer Skin Routine
Summer Skin Routine

Hello, my lovelies.

The sun has started to make an appearance, which I am sure we have all been enjoying and also thinking, how long will this last?

Today I want to talk very quickly about my summer skin routine, and how I achieve a tan whilst using a high protection factor.

I’m quite lucky that I tan quickly, so a couple of hours in the garden and my skin starts to take on a darker shade – but whilst tanning its important to protect our skin.

I’ve talked about the importance of sunscreen previously and how the suns rays actually account for 80% of ageing! Just think how young we would all look had we have started to protect our skin in our teens! Sigh, alas, we didn’t, so here we are..

The summer routine

My summer morning routine consists of my usual cleanse and tone, my décolletage cream, currently a vitamin c serum, followed by an eye cream and moisturiser. And once that has all settled in I then apply  my factor 50 protection. I am currently using the Antherlios XL Ultra Light Fluid, SPF 50+ from La Roche-Posay, which is a light weight fluid that absorbs quickly and is perfect under makeup. This protects my skin from damaging rays, but does leave my face a totally different colour to my body.

To bring some colour back to my face I have been using a facial serum by St Moritiz, which you can add to any facial moisturiser. This product is great if like me, you protect your skin with a sunscreen throughout the summer. It gives that summer glow, but without the damage from the suns rays. This is potent though! I suggest only using this twice a week and only adding around 2-3 drops into your moisturiser.

Both of these products you can find at your local Superdrug and at just over a tenner each, they are a must have addition to any summer skin care routine! You can find the St Mortiz HERE and the La Roche-Posay HERE

Well that’s all from me today, hope you enjoyed this little post, and remember guys and gals; always wear sunscreen!

For now,

L xx

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