Setting Powder ‘vs’ Finishing Powder

Setting Powder
Setting Powder ‘vs’ Finishing Powder

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Since starting my series of short beauty tips, which you can find HERE (very short currently, I will be adding more. I am currently between cameras and trying to get to grips with my new one),  I have had a few questions about the difference between a setting powder and a finishing powder – so I thought I’d try and explain how I use the two products.

As a matte kinda gal, a powder is a staple in my routine. I’ve realised I have become a little ‘extra’ when it comes to the powders I use currently; I think on last count it was five different face powders, excluding contour, bronze and blush. Now, I am not saying at all that you need to use this amount of powder and in fact, I think I may have become a little ridiculous,  but if you want to use a setting powder and then something to finish your makeup, there is a difference.

Ok, so what is the main difference in these two products? A setting powder is usually a finely milled, pressed or loose powder that is used to set cream products and control shine and oil. Take a look at my full post on setting powders HERE to get more of an idea of how to add them to your makeup routine. They are designed to be used after your cream products and you can use a sponge, brush or powder puff to apply.

A setting powder will usually be a completely flat powder, by this I mean it will have no shimmer, shine or luminosity. This is because these powders are merely there to set and control.

Don’t have oily skin? Then a setting powder may not be so much of a staple for you, and I am so jealous of the dewy look you can achieve without as many products as us oily skin girls.

There are plenty of different products out there ranging in price points. My preference would be a translucent shade, a really good drugstore priced product is the Coty Airspun.

Finishing powder. This is different to a setting powder, as typically, these do have a luminosity to them. The idea of these powders is to add a healthy glow back into skin that has been flattened with a matte foundation and setting powder.

They are a fabulous product that I couldn’t be without. Not only do they add a healthy glow to the skin, but they can add an insta filter effect by helping to diminish the look of fine lines and pores; this is due to the light reflecting pigments that they contain, reflecting light away from your skin.

These are applied after you have completely finished your makeup. I apply mine once all of my other products are in place with a big powder brush to dust all over my face. I also use mine with a smaller setting brush under my eyes to reflect light away from my fine undereye lines.

The finishing powder that I love is the Ambient Lighting Powder by Hourglass. Now guys and gals, this isn’t cheap, but, it is so worth it and lasts for such a long time due to the fact you only need a light dusting. I am yet to find a dupe that comes close to this, however, I am always on the hunt for great drugstore alternatives.

I really don’t like to recommend expensive high-end products as most of the time I think you can achieve the same amount of performance from drugstore dupes, but the picture below is two absolute staples in my routine. The Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder and as described above, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Because these products are so expensive, I only use the Laura Mercier powder under my eyes. I ALWAYS use a cheaper alternative for the rest of my face.

Setting Powder

The Laura Mercier powder is in Translucent and the Hourglass is in the shade Diffused Light, they do a range of shades, but don’t confuse these as a highlighter. You can shop these products HERE.

You can find a whole range of products like these from drugstore brands, just head down to your local Boots or Superdrug, where you will find some great drugstore alternatives. I am sorry I can’t recommend more budget-friendly powders at the mo, but I will keep hunting.

I hope this has answered your questions and please do feel free to contact me if I didn’t explain fully.

Enjoy the rest of your day, it’d make me super happy if you were to subscribe, but for now,

L xx

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