Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

Hello, my lovelies. Today’s post is something that I think we could all do to become a little more sustainability-conscious, and that is thinking about reusable cotton wool pads. This is a great little hack, that will not only save you a penny or two but will also help reduce the waste we put back into the planet.

I don’t know about you but with the use of plastic being so big in the news right now, I have become a lot more aware of the rubbish I recycle – and the rubbish I don’t.

Beauty waste, where does it go?

One evening whilst sitting at my vanity removing my makeup, I tossed my cotton wool into the bin and it struck me, all this waste goes to landfill, and I must get through a million cotton wool pads alone in a year just removing my eye makeup.

I’d like to think that by making just a few changes to how I use and dispose of rubbish, I could make a tiny little bit of difference to the way this planet will look in years to come. I hate the thought of being just another consumer that mindlessly dumps waste back into this beautiful earth we call home.

But what is the alternative?

With the above in mind, I went on the hunt for something that could replace my usual, non-biodegradable cotton wool rounds.

Now usually, with anything that is more environmentally friendly, it costs more money. With a quick search on the internet, yep, you guessed it, reusable cotton wool pads were expensive. Or so I thought..

Ditching the cotton wool

Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

On closer inspection of said ‘reusable cotton wool pads,’ I saw a review that then made it so strikingly clear!

Breast Pads?!

The review wrote ‘these are essentially, organic cotton breast pads, at an inflated cost’! Yes, yes they are! Stick with me, I am not just some crazy beauty blogger, I promise!

Reusable Cotton Wool Pads

The product in question is smaller in size to actual breast pads but is just the same as an organic cotton breast pad. I am not going to mention the brand I was looking at in this post as I just do not condone spending that amount of money when you can buy these much cheaper.

I then went on the hunt for some breast pads and came across some organic cotton ones on eBay. I think I paid around £3.99 for a pack of 12. So, yes they are bigger than usual cotton pads, but the bigger size just means you have less to wash at the end of the week.

Replace your usual cotton pads with these and then simply add to your whites wash. You would probably need to replace these every six months, but overall, this would massively reduce your beauty waste. Top tip, when using, wet them slightly first so that they do not just absorb all the product you are using to remove your makeup

So there you have it. A cost-effective way to become a little more environmentally friendly with your beauty waste.

I really do hope you will all give this a try.

For now,

L xx

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Disclaimer, I have not been paid to write for any brands featured in this post.