My Pescetarian Diet, a road to veganism?

My Pescetarian Diet, a road to veganism?
My Pescetarian Diet, a road to veganism?

Hello, lovelies. Today, I am a little off topic and talking to you about my pescetarian diet.

I have always struggled ethically with eating meat and for many years followed an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, which is simply someone who follows a vegetarian diet but does consume products such as dairy and eggs.  That was up until around 2010 when I was tempted by a steak. The temptation overcame me. All best will in the world was not making me not eat the steak.

You see, I enjoy the taste of meat, mine was an ethical choice only.

Recently, I have been struggling again with my ethical stance on eating animals and I would say, over the past few months have unconsciously been cutting meat from my diet. I found myself making more and more vegetarian choices when eating out and when grabbing something not homemade for lunch. I was without really trying, heading back to my old vegetarian ways.

Just look at these gorgeous creatures below. I look into their eyes and they melt my heart. They have a soul, the meat industry breaks my heart. I just can’t be a part of it anymore.


With a partner who would eat meat only for this three meals a day, I knew there had to be some compromise with my meal choices. I also adore seafood. I know you’ll be reading this thinking, well fish are still animals, and in the words from ‘finding nemo’ ‘friends are fish, not food’.

Yes, I agree with the above, but at this point in my life, although I would ethically love to cut all meat and dairy from my diet, I am not ready to fully commit to veganism. Following a pescetarian based diet, for now, is where I am, and I do hope that it will lead to a fully vegan lifestyle in the future.

I still consume dairy, but only organic products. Free range is just not good enough! Yes, I realise the part the dairy industry plays in animal cruelty and I am also working on moving away from this. A post for another day though.

Ok, so let’s have a look a what a pescetarian diet is!

Defined by Wikipedia as

‘Those on pescetarian or pollotarian diets may define meat only as mammalian flesh and may identify with vegetarianismMost pescetarians maintain a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with the addition of fish and shellfish, described as “fish but no other meat”. The common use association between such diets and vegetarianism has led groups such as the Vegetarian Society to state that diets containing these ingredients are not vegetarian”Discovering some old veggie recipes.

I’ve discovered some old recipes I used to love and new which are now a weekly staple, which I will begin to feature under the recipes section on my blog. I am just working on how I structure this and how I want to present this to you. But it will come, I promise.

Quinoa is also my new best friend. If you have never tried this superfood! You must! It is so good for you.


The stance on beauty products.

May you have noticed I’ve been quieter on the beauty side on my blog? Don’t worry, I have some great products I am currently testing out, but with switching my eating habits, I am also trying now to use only products that are cruelty-free.

I am going to make more of an effort to highlight these on my blog reviews, so that my readers are aware, which products are cruelty-free and or, suitable for vegans.

Also, I will continue with my beauty box subscription reviews, but will, as I have in the past, but never made it public knowledge, give away any products I receive that aren’t cruelty-free.  I have my eye on a fab little box, that is 100% cruelty-free, so watch this space.

Look, you may be reading this thinking, well you’re still doing this and you are still doing that. Ok, but I am making the right steps ethically for me. I will keep you all updated on how I’m getting on.

Any questions, just drop me a message. As always, I love to hear from you.

For now,

L xx