Nars Audacious Mascara Review

Nars Audacious Mascara
Nars Audacious Mascara Review – Your Makeup Bag Staple

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my review of the Nars Audacious Mascara. As some of you know, I am a complete mascara addict and luckily blessed with naturally long eyelashes, however, one of the pitfalls of this is that they clump and stick together like nobodies business!

Don’t complain, I can hear you all cry! Seriously, my mascara application with the wrong product can take so long to apply, I’ve seen some of my fellow long eyelash girls separating theirs with a pin – 1, this is dangerous and 2, I just don’t have the time in the mornings to be fiddling around.

With the above in mind, I am always on the hunt for my perfect partner in the mascara department, meaning my collection has grown pretty big – i’ve tried so many! I do have some that I like and that I use often, but it takes a lot to really wow me!

My perfect product would be one that lengthens and separates, whilst building volume and not clumping, whilst delivering a glossy finish. I’ll not go into ones that I find to be just ok in this review, I will at a later date do a full rundown of my mascara wardrobe for you as I want to talk about one that I LOVE – yep, you guessed it, as the title of this post would suggest, the Nars Audacious Mascara.

Now, this mascara I stumbled across in the 2016 Liberty London beauty advent calendar and boy am glad I did! This has since become a staple in my beauty bag and one product I cannot be without. You would not believe how many people comment on my eyelashes and how many people I have recommended this product to.

The Audacious mascara, is the only one you’ll fin at Nars, they swear by this to the point they discontinued all other mascaras in their line, so what are their product claims?

Intensity for the making. Control for the taking. From instant definition to blindsiding impact, every layer multiplies. Volumizes. Mesmerizes.

Designed with over 200 molded bristles and lengthening hooks, NARS’ lash-catching brush evenly grips and coats lashes from roots to tips. Simultaneously separates, lengthens, and amplifies. Its tapered tip finishes off the inner and outer reaches of your imagination while optimizing lower lashes.

An extraordinary balance of suppleness with staying power, this uniquely fluid first-to-market formula stays soft and flexible for unprecedented buildability. Humectants and conditioners keep lashes plush to the touch without smudging, clumping, or flaking. Lightweight. Long-wearing. – narscomsetics.

The first thing to mention and one of the reasons I find the mascara so good for longer lashes is the brush – never before have I seen one like this. As described above, this is not your average wand, I’m not usually a fan of a plastic bristle brush, but this one is different. Its little hooks catch every lash and I mean every lash, even those tiny little ones that you didn’t know you had are picked up with this little baby! The formula is glossy and very buildable.  I always apply a super fine coat at first to separate my lashes and get them into place. I wait for this to dry down and then build with a further two coats. This never clumps and lengthens them to perfection, giving me a wide open, fanned separated effect.

Whilst this does add volume, you will not achieve a full-on glam lash look with this, I would say it is more of a defined volumised effect, which for me is perfect.  Another downside to long lashes is that mascara can smudge all over your eyelid, under your eyes and all down your face, but this has staying power and once applied does not move, smudge or flake at all! I will mention that this however is not a waterproof formula and will smudge whilst swimming, being stuck in a British downpour or if you have just split up with your boyfriend!

Here a few photos of the look I achieve with this.

I’m a simple girl and Black Moon is my go-to colour, but they do currently have three limited edition shades, Mambo, brown, Minerve, blue, and Park City, purple if these should take your fancy. This mascara retails for £22 and can be purchased directly from Nars UK or on Amazon by clicking here: NARS AUDACIOUS MASCARA

I cannot recommend this mascara enough, especially,  if like me you need something to separate and define your lashes – this really is one great staple which you won’t regret adding to your makeup bag.

I’d love to see your looks achieved with this mascara, tag me over on Insta at @my_beautiful_obsession

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L xx

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