Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination

So, yeah. I tried brow lamination.

Hey. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I tried brow lamination, the latest trend in brows.

I wouldn’t say this is something I went searching out. It just kinda happened.

My very talented eyebrow artist (the lovely Pru), messaged me asking if I wanted to try a ‘lammie’. I had heard of the technique and always willing to give something a try,  I said sure.

What is this lammie?

After saying yes, I started to do a bit of digging into the treatment. Kinda the wrong way round. Right?

Being a massive YouTube fan, I hit the you’b and headed down a rabbit hole of what is essentially perming our eyebrows straight and up. Sounds scary, right?

Oh my, what I found was concerning. From girls with naturally full brows resembling a wolfman, to allergic reactions and swollen eyelids. Yeah, swollen eyelids!

Ermm, no way thanks

Thorough research complete, aka, many hours wasted on YouTube, I decided it defiantly wasn’t for me! The look can be scary. I messaged said eyebrow goddess and said, nope let’s do my usual henna brow, please. Fast forward to me arriving at the salon, “let’s give it a try”.

I’m a sucker for trying something new and being a teen of the nineties, I have the super skinny over plucked brow that anyone under the age of 35 is praying will come back around. So what could go wrong?

I’d like to say she talked me into it, but I was kinda liking the idea of spending Christmas looking like a werewolf, this stuff lasts 8 weeks guys! 8 WEEKS!

The treatment

The boring H&S bit… no, you really need to take note of this. You MUST get a patch test for this treatment. It uses chemicals on your skin. Any reputable salon will ask for a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment.

Essentially, this is like a perm, or more modernly known as a lash lift. The brows are brushed up, towards the forehead and a perm lotion applied. This stuff smells bad! It reminds me of my work experience when I was 14 removing ladies perm rollers (fond memories). Also, if you have sensitive skin, it can be a little stingy! I mean I think I made it worse for myself with a really intense vitamin c and retinol session prior to my treatment. Yeah, don’t do that!

Once the straightening lotion has been applied, a setting lotion is then applied, followed by any waxing, threading tinting or plucking.  The whole process takes around 45 minutes.  You’re then told to not get your lashes wet for 24 hours! Shower before your treatment.


Ok firstly, that patch test, you need it. I can usually handle this stuff and I reacted.

Well, well, well. That super skinny brow I touched on. Well, it was transformed in a fluffy full brow that resembled nothing of its former self. I LOVE IT!

Brow Lamination

I just love a fluffy brow, but my brows naturally grow downwards, which before made this hard to do. It’s defiantly an undone look, which is my thing right now.

Any skinny brow girls, I think you need to try this, I think you’ll be amazed. Full brow gals. You’ll have a full brow, full full brow.

The treatment ranges from around £25 to £45,  and is worth a try if you fancy trying a new trend.

I’ll be sticking with it in the near future and I’m glad I just thought ‘sod it, let’s give it a try’. A massive thumbs up from me.

Let’s see how long the brow lamination is around for.

Thanks for taking a read.

Love, L xx