When a brand discontinues your favourite product! Rodial Skincare

Rodial Skincare
The dreaded discontinued product..  Rodial Glam Balm!

Firstly, welcome my lovelies and I can hear you ask, why are you writing about a discontinued product?

Well, as I do every week, this Sunday evening for me consisted of stumbling around the internet looking for the latest beauty and makeup deals to grab myself a bargain and share with you beautiful lot on here. Whilst doing this weekly ritual, I stumbled across some great deals on Rodial beauty which I have shared on my offers and discounts page here, and this got me thinking about a Rodial product that I love, only to discover it’s BEEN DISCONTINUED, yes (sob), I had it confirmed in an email to me today from Rodial that in fact, the Stemcell SuperFood Glam Blam has officially reached its end!

This product has been a staple in my beauty cupboard for the last couple of years,  which is ONLY used when I know my skin needs an overnight detox and some drastic pick me up – it was my lifesaver!

Marketed as a multi-use balm, the product is full of beautiful restoring ingredients, such as PhytoCellTec Alp Rose stem cells, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, vitamin C and calendula oil, which could be used to deeply moisturise the face, cuticles, nails, and lips.

The product is a very oily heavy cream, which almost feels like it has small particles in it that melt into your skin. This isn’t for everyone’s taste, but this feels like heaven when my skin needs that extra boost of moisture and is in desperate need of a detox.

I have quite oily skin naturally, so I only ever use this when I have been burning the candle at both ends, and my fine lines are a little more obvious and my skin has no natural glow.  When using this product overnight, I wake and can see a definite improvement to my skin, making me look like I haven’t slept only 5 hours a night for the past 5 weeks.

SO to my surprise, I was horrified to not find this product on their website, (holds breath and panics), WHAT! This is one of all TIME favorite products. In a panicked state, I then searched the internet to see if I could still get hold of this from other sites and luckily, there still seems to be a small stock hanging around the internet. I did email Rodial directly today,  and they have confirmed it is discontinued and can only be purchased in their Stemcell Discovery Kit (travel size only).

As I’m sure you have all experienced, when you find a product you love, to discover it has been discounted fills you with an overwhelming sense of ‘what the hell am I going to do’ ‘how could they do this to me.  Rodial, how could you take away one of my favorite products?

Once i’d finally calmed my panic, I started to look around at what else they may have replaced this product with and came across the Stem Cell Booster Oil.  Ok, a little more pricey at £60 but it  looks like they may have upped their game with this product, as the claims sound fantastic:

Key Benefits:

PhytoCellTec Alp Rose: Protects against environmental stress.

Olive: A gentle moisturiser for dry skin.

Vitamin B5: Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rosehip Seed Oil: Promotes elasticity and firmness.


I have tried other products in the stem cell range and they are all pretty good, so I am certain that the new oil will be my new staple and I would highly recommend trying this range if, like me, you sometimes don’t take as good a care of your skin as you should.

For now, I will be stocking up of last of the balm I can find and getting my first bottle of oil.

Rodial has some amazing products, that actually do as they say they do. Pop over to their site and take a look for yourself.

BTW – fun fact, sorry Rodial for the chewed bottle of your wonderful product in the image on this post.

Guilty as charged!

Hope you have enjoyed this little post and have a fab day.

Thanks for reading.

L xx

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