Best Drugstore Mascara 2018

Best drugstore mascara 2018
Best Drugstore Mascara 2018 – L’Oreal

Hello lovelies, well here we are, we’ve nearly made it through January and payday is on the horizon! I don’t know about you but it’s been a difficult month and my usual beauty spending habits have had to take a back seat! With money saving in mind I would like to talk about what I feel is the best drugstore mascara of 2018, and how you can get the most lash for your cash!

Last week you may have seen me post a review on my all time favourite mascara, if you didn’t hop over and take a peek here where I talk about all the good that is the Nars Audacious mascara. I’ve loved this for such a long time now and I didn’t think I’d find anything that would ever come close for me – this was until recently….

A few months ago L’Oreal launched a new mascara to their line, the Paradise Extatic with promises of long feather-like lashes.

“Take your lashes to paradise with intense volume and spectacular length. The Ultra-Soft brush coats lashes with a silky-smooth formula, enriched with lash-loving castor oil. Lashes feel feather-soft, without any flaking”


When this launched I was intrigued and keen to give it a try but my past experience with drugstore mascara stopped me – I have to admit I am a complete high-end mascara junkie! My reasons being, I have never found a drugstore product that has really wowed me and delivered on all the product claims. I have tried so many that I resigned myself to the fact that high end was just better quality and you get what you pay for – so when I saw this launch I thought to myself, meh, save your £9.99 and put that towards your favourite high-end.

Well fast forward almost a year, I decided to make the purchase! This was due to so many good reviews and results I was seeing on YouTube! Yes, BIG beauty YouTube addict here, it’s how I waste my time when not working or writing for my blog! BOY am I IMPRESSED! I have had this for a little over two weeks and I CANNOT put this down, it is SO GOOD, and I mean so good! This little mascara stands its ground against all of my high-end and shhhhh, I think it actually outperforms them!

L'Oreal Paradise Mascara

Yikkes I said it, I am now a drugstore mascara convert! Don’t get me wrong, I still love some of my favourite more expensive mascaras, but this is a good one. It has a medium sized bristle brush, the formula is glossy and buildable, and it gives definition and volume without clumping. This doesn’t smudge an ounce all day and although not marketed as a waterproof mascara, holds up well against water. When removing I need to use an eye makeup remover rather than just my cleanser.

Guys, go give this a try, it’s on average around £9.99-£11.99 and if you shop around at the likes of Boots and Superdrug (if you’re a UK gal) you’ll often find  3 for 2 deals on L’Oreal. You can purchase this from Boots here who at the time of writing this have 3 for 2 across all makeup.

If you buy one new mascara this month, even though I do love Nars, make it this one! Good job L’Oreal – added to my fav’s list!

Hope you have enjoyed the read and remember guys and gals, its just makeup!
L x

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