Beauty Tip #1 Beauty Blenders

Beauty Blender
Beauty Tip #1 Beauty Blenders

The first in my series of quick beauty tips. Beauty Blenders. I hope you enjoy them.

What is a beauty blender and how to use it?

•A beauty blender is a soft sponge which can be used to apply a flawless finish to your foundation without it looking cakey.

•Top tip, use the sponge damp, you will get a much better finish. Apply your foundation and use the blender to dab the product over your skin.

•It’s also great for concealer, finishing powder, and use with your highlighter to get that wow super wet look glow.

•You can’t beat the real thing, but for a budget alternative, you can pick these up from Primark for £1.

•I also highly recommend the Tarte Cosmetics version.

Say goodbye to an uneven foundation finish.

Any questions, drop me a message.

For now,

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