Beautiful Blogger Templates

Beautiful Blogger Templates
Beautiful Blogger Templates

Hello, lovelies. Today’s post is for my fellow bloggers or aspiring bloggers to be, as I am talking about beautiful blogging templates.

Just like myself, I am sure that many of you that are here reading this post, that have a blog, or are thinking of starting a blog are not a whizz at coding! Having no coding experience can be daunting when you are looking to build your own website, but it doesn’t need to be – I promise.

OK, so blogging 101! If you are going to blog, you need a website, simple equation right? If you’re thinking, well how the b**dy hell do I even go about setting up a website, as I have said time and time again – SELF HOST, SELF HOST!

But what do you mean by self host? Self-hosting means that you purchase your own hosting package, with a hosting provider (I use 1&1), and manage your own website, steering away from costly plug and play platforms such as, instead, opting for

I am a complete WordPress fan, so this post will be heavily bias towards WordPress, but there are other CMS (content management platforms) you can use.

Beautiful Blogger Themes

Not only does self hosting offer you a lot more flexibility around how your site looks, it allows you to use plugins and is A LOT cheaper. Sorry, but I will never recommend you!

But its so easy to use I hear you say! Yes it is, but so is WordPress,org, you just need to get the hang of the platform. And I promise you, its simple; YouTube has taught me loads!

When buying your hosting, just make sure the package you opt for comes with your preferred CMS app. 1&1 offer WordPress, along with some other popular CMS applications.

I am digressing slightly from the topic of this post, but I will get there I promise.

So once you up and running with your hosting, have your CMS system ready, you will want to find a template that suits how you would like to layout your content and how you would like your blog to appear visually.

In the WordPress theme directory, you will find an array of free themes that would get you started, but for a really professional feel to your site, a paid theme is better.

One of the best sites I have come across when looking for blog templates, especially within the beauty, lifestyle and fashion niche, is These guys are great! They offer something for everyone!

Looking for a visual blog? No worry, they have it!


Looking for something visual yet modern? Don’t worry, they have it!


Looking for something highly editorial, not to worry, Pipdig have it!


I could go on and on but you get the idea here!

The themes come with loads of built in features, such as multiple widget areas, custom widgets, a variety of layout options, multi level drop down menus to name but a few, and are SEO and GDPR optimised,  fully responsive, work well on all major web platforms and lets not forget to mention, are stunning in design!

Built and coded by a team of highly skilled professionals, their themes, I believe are some of the best around. Also, lets not forget to mention, once you purchase from them, you have free tech support for life! Oh and also, they will install your theme for you FOR FREE! I’ve not seen many other companies offering that! Before I forget, a template from ranges from around £39 to £59 depending on the style you opt for.

Like I say, I have been using a Pipdig theme on my site for a while now, and I have had many questions, which they have answered quickly and thoroughly. Their customer support really is fantastic!

I just want to add, I have not been paid to write, or been asked to feature this company, these are totally my own thoughts.

So go on, go get yourself a beautiful new template.

For now,

L xx

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Disclaimer, I have not been paid to write for any brands featured in this post.