At home Microdermabrasion

At home Microdermabrasion
PMD Personal Microderm *PR Sample

Hello, lovelies. I have a nifty little beauty device to tell you all about, the PMD Personal Microderm; microdermabrasion at home, without the hefty salon price tag.

When I was approached by PMD Beauty and asked if I would like to try this I jumped at the chance! I have to admit, I have in the past not followed my own advice on sun protection and have consequently started to see sun damage on my cheeks and forehead. Could dermabrasion could be the answer to fading my pigmentation marks?

Let’s talk microdermabrasion. What is it, and who is it suitable for?

A standard microdermabrasion treatment uses fine crystals and vacuum to remove dead skin cells, smoothing the surface of the skin and helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and superficial skin pigmentation. Due to the removal of dead skin cells it also helps any skincare product penetrate the skin quicker and deeper. This is usually a treatment that is carried out by a dermatologist or by a specialist beauty therapist who will recommend a course of treatment for best results.

So, is it possible to get the same results, at home, and for a fraction of the cost? Well PMD Beauty certainly thinks so, and here are their claims.

Easy-to-use weekly treatments reveal smoother, brighter more youthful looking skin.

Smart, convenient and effective – Combines Patented Spinning Disc technology with Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction to leave skin looking fresh and radiant. Weekly treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and enlarged pores.

Power of exfoliation – Patented Spinning Discs embedded with aluminum oxide crystals exfoliate away dead, dull cells from the surface of the skin. By removing this dead skin cell barrier, new cell growth is stimulated and glowing youthful skin is revealed.

Strength of suction – Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction is the power behind effective microdermabrasion. Suction increases circulation and triggers the skin’s natural healing process which boosts collagen and elastin leaving skin firm, fresh and radiant.

Beauty of absorption –  Personal Microderm removes the top layer of dead, dull skin cells. Once this barrier is removed, skin care products can penetrate 20X deeper maximizing the benefits of skin care.

The device I have been using is the Classic which is priced at £135, around the same price as two salon treatments.

PMD Personal Microderm

In the box is everything you need to get started.

  • The Personal Microderm
  • Instruction DVD
  • Power adaptor
  • Filter
  • Selection of abrasion heads for both face and body

Ok, so I was like a kid at Christmas when I received this, but I cannot highly stress enough, watch the instruction DVD. It gives clear instructions on how and when to use the microderm, failing to follow the advice can end up with you damaging your skin, let’s not forget, this is professional level exfoliation.

When you first start using this, you need to build up your skin’s tolerance to the abrasion pads. The kit comes with three different levels of abrasion as pictured below.

PMD Personal Microderm

The small heads are for the face and the larger for the body. The grey are your training discs, which you will need to use for the first few weeks until your skin becomes less sensitive to the treatment. You then work your way up through the green and black for a higher level of abrasion.

I’ve been using this system now for around four weeks and I am yet to see any improvement in my skin tone, however, with any microdermabrasion treatment it usually takes around 8-12 weeks to see visible results. I am also still on the training discs as my skin is quite sensitive when using this.

It is recommended that you use this every 6 days, in the evening, followed by your usual skincare routine. Please note, you must wear sunscreen the following day; please please follow this advice as you will have removed the top layer of your skin, which will make it more sensitive to the sun.

Before commencing the treatment you must make sure your skin is clean of any makeup, completely dry and free from any skincare product. The instruction DVD gives full guidance on how to use this product on your skin, and take note of only covering one area with the device twice! I made this mistake and ended up with grazes on my face. It sounds scary but I promise it isn’t; as long as you follow the advice given by the pros.

After the treatment my skin is red, but feels fantastically soft; softer than any manual exfoliator has ever left my skin. I wake up the next day and my skin is glowing, refreshed and renewed.

Now as I said above, I am still in the initial stages of my treatment, but the image below shows my worst patch of pigmentation. This was taken after my fourth use of the device. As you can see, it’s pretty prominent, so I will be continuing with my program and checking in with you all every four weeks to show you any results, complete with comparison pictures – watch this space.

PMD Personal Microderm

This product is a considered purchase I know due to the price, but if it works, you will save a whole wad of cash compared to expensive salon treatments. I have read some fantastic reviews on this and seen some amazing results, but you know me, I will never recommend a product unless I truly believe in it.

I’m looking forward to sharing any results with you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I will keep you all updated.

For now,

L xx

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Disclaimer, I have not been paid to write for any brands featured in this post. The post does, however, contain PR samples. All views in this post are my own.