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’90s inspired makeup

'90s inspired makeup

So today I’m sharing a ’90s inspired makeup look. Especially good for anyone that was lucky enough to live through the era of lad culture and listened to the classics from Blur and Oasis. 

I caught the end of the nineties, just.. and I still love the makeup. If you want a real feel of what life what like then for late teens, early twenties something, watch the film Human Traffic. It takes me back. 

So what made makeup of the ’90s so memorable.  Nude lips, fresh matte skin, smoky eye oh and of course blue eyeshadow and space buns.  The former, I still wear most of the time now.

This look is easy and I’ve listed all of the products I used below. 

’90s inspired makeup look

'90s inspired makeup look
'90s inspired makeup look


So for the base, I prepped my skin with my usual skincare, SPF and then used the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. 

I then wanted a demi-matte finish so used the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus foundation. This is an excellent drugstore foundation for under £6! It also looks beautiful on camera. 

I then used the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes and set my base all over with Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. 

I warmed my face with the Delilah Cosmetics Sunset Matte Bronzer.  


I like to do my brows before my eye makeup as it allows me to see exactly what space I have to work with. I will have to do a dedicated post on how I do my brows as I’ve found a fantastic way to fill in the ’90s over plucked brows. Funny how times change. 

Firstly, I use the NYX Precision Brow pencil in Taupe to create a line under my brow. This allows me to see where I need to fill in. I then use the pencil to create my arch, again, this allows me to see where I need to fill the arch.  

I then use the Urban Decay Brow Box and a small angled liner brush to create stroke-like hairs. I then fill in the front of my brow lightly so the brow gets dark towards the tail. I don’t fill the tail of my brow as this can drag the eye downwards. 

I then carve out my brow with the Pixi Endless Eye in matte nude to give a really polished finish. You can pick up a nude eyeliner in Primark that will do the job just as well. 


Onto the eyes.  I used the BH Cosmetics Love In London palette. I used the shade stone all over the lid and then Crumpet in my socket line. I blended this out until there were no harsh lines. I then used the shade Tea on the mobile lid, which gave it an almost blue hue.

I then tight-lined with the Daniel Sandler Velvet Waterproof Liner in black and added the Benefit Bad Gal liner to the outer upper lid very close to the lash line and smudged it in to give it a smokey look. You don’t need to use two liners here. I just had them to hand. 

I then added to coats of the Bad Gal Bang mascara on the upper lashes and one coat on the lower lashes. I then also smudged some of the shade Crumpet under my lower lashes to bring the look together. 


So lastly for lips. Back in the ’90s overlined lips weren’t really a thing so I followed my natural lip line with Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Liner in  Nude Wave and filled the lip with Rimmel in shade 45. 

'90s inspired makeup

And that’s it. My ’90s inspired makeup. I then took it all off and went to bed. 

Hope you have fun trying out this look. You could add more blue and chuck your hair in a couple of space buns.

For now, 

L xx  

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